Graphics update! Version 0.5 uploaded

Less than one week before the update this time, but I felt like some things needed fixing ASAP. This will, finally, be the last update before the full game comes out, and it's now pretty safe to say that the content you see in this demo will be almost 1:1 to what you'll see on the complete release. And now, the comprehensive change list:

  • Upgraded investigation UI (now tracks your progress)
  • Added additional dialogue changes so that the investigation flow is clearer
  • Corrected tons of typoes, naturaly naturally
  • A brand new CG with some variations for Claire thinking
  • New sprite expressions! Some characters have gained additional emotions
  • Added some sound effects
  • Resized text box to better fit the fact that there's always 1-2 lines, never more
  • Minor upgrades to code and function!

Thanks for coming this far with me to everyone who reads this, checked the page and ever downloaded one of the demo versions...

I'll see you on the full version, let's all solve this mystery together!! (Even though I already know the ending hue)


Love⚡Struck DEMO 0.5 (Windows) 62 MB
Nov 10, 2017
Love⚡Struck DEMO 0.5 (Mac) 61 MB
Nov 10, 2017
Love⚡Struck DEMO 0.5 (Linux) 65 MB
Nov 10, 2017

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