Full investigation! Demo v0.4 finally up

It's been only two weeks since the last update, huh? It felt like an eternity to me, to be honest! I come back with tons of new content, at least twice what 0.3 had, and additional upgrades to the 0.3 dialogue. Comprehensive list of changes, take it away:

  • Added investigation segment!
  • Added notes system to keep track of evidence
  • Corrected some minor typoes, as always
  • New CGs!
  • New sprites!
  • Added some sound effects

This is now much more closer to what the game will be when it is fully released!

I hope you enjoy the way the investigation plays out and, you guessed it, thanks for your time!!


Love⚡Struck DEMO 0.4 (Windows) 56 MB
Nov 07, 2017
Love⚡Struck DEMO 0.4 (Mac) 55 MB
Nov 07, 2017
Love⚡Struck DEMO 0.4 (Linux) 59 MB
Nov 07, 2017

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