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Check out this AWESOME yuri hentai game! It released a few days ago and the art-style is amazing.

Play it here, CLICK


Interesting so far, biggest gripe is that combat is unfair: enemies have three chances to attack while the player has only two; when being attacked (counter), when approaching (there's an error with approaching attacks where the enemy will get an approaching attack even if the player had just attacked them or they were next to the player), and during their turn (I might be wrong there, the approaching attack might just be the regular attack but it's hard to tell as you have to finish battles within two one to turns or you are dead).

The game also randomly skips dialogue, this might just be my mouse or something but this doesn't happen with other ren'py games (or otherwise) so it's strange. I would also suggest balancing the damage, health and missing a tad, currently you die in one turn if you miss and are next to the enemy (maybe up health, down damage or remove the ability to miss (wether in just the first area, with the bard only or altogether)). Lastly; the field sometimes doesn't allow you to move to certain spaces even though there's nothing in that space, it is fixed by just restarting so it's not too annoying but would become so quick if the encounters were longer or more diverse.

I can see how this would be more fun with more pawns and classes/abilities but as it is it's just too difficult of a first level to get into.

Neat game, can't wait to see how it shapes up! (Love the characters as of now~!)

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Thank you for your interest!! That's a really long review and actually we're already working on some of the things you mentioned.

OK, first of all, things that are poorly explained but ultimately not a bug: Everyone gets the same opportunities in attacks, when enemies "approach" it just means they're activating, it's just not visual sadly. But!! We are releasing a "Fancier Better Enemy Turns" patch this week with new graphics, better pauses, indicators for enemy activations / attacks and explanations for their skills that will hopefully solve most issues like this. The other thing is skips are not random, there's 2 of them and they're meant to indicate characters interrupting other characters. If you fast click through dialogue, the interrupted sentences will just be skipped all together, so that's a thing that's hard to fix really... Point is: It's intended. If you lower the text speed and let them play out it'll make sense (I hope).

Balance wise dying in one turn shouldn't be possible as long as you use your potions (which will heal you for 10, so, always to full). The Squire's damage is consistently 4 and they have much lower hit rate than the Bard, so they shouldn't be that much of an issue, mathematically speaking. Still, if more people find them too strong for the first chapter we will definitely consider nerfing or increasing base health. (Quick Side Note: Final version of Chapter 1 will have 2 different Squire enemies, so it will not be as repetitive as it is now!)

Empty space blocks do concern me. If you manage to take a screenshot of that error or can explain the specifics of cases when it happens it would be really helpful, since it hasn't shown up in testing!!

I hope you enjoy the small update and continue to support us through development, again, thank you very much!!


This is really cute! Highly relatable gay bard :3

wait, is it supposed to be impossible to fight the guards? The only way to pass is running away from them? 

You should be able to defeat the Squires (on the left path to the end) but the armored ones (Knights) are too strong! If you're having trouble with the normal enemies please tell what's happening, maybe there's a bug increasing their damage/health we haven't noticed,, > H <''

I just dont get how am I supposed to hit them, since they always move away when I end the turn :v