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Chaotic Quartet is a short strategy RPG about a bard and her muse traveling to free the latter from a curse she's quite starting to fancy.

In a fantastic far away land lived an adventurous Princess, daughter of a powerful and renowned King. The Princess had recently become infatuated with a Bard who fancied her lustrous hair, rebelious attitude and deep DEEP pockets. But the story would take a turn when dark forces curse the Princess and now the couple must travel to free the Princess of her curse... Or maybe not, since she seems to be happier than ever?

This game was developed for QRMjam in the span of 5 days with the collaboration of @YukiLumino (on twitter) who did all of the art for it!!

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  • Tactical RPG gameplay!
  • An emotional extremely comedic story
  • A linear challenge! No farming, so plan accordingly
  • A queer cast of chaotic ladies (Just in case the title wasn't clear)
  • Yes, there'll be 4 of them, eventually (Again, title)
  • Art drawn by @YukiLumino (Can't stress this enough, it's very good)
  • A placeholder font!! (For now) (It's a placeholder)
  • The sweet sound of Kevin MacLeod's instruments

Battle Controls (Important!!)

  • During the player phase, you may click on any enemy to see their stats and remaining health or click on an ally (The Bard) to give orders.
  • While giving orders, you may change the action using the leftmost side buttons (Move, Melee Attack, Ranged Attack, Song or Potion). The tooltips below the actions explain what they do!
  • Once you have moved, you may go back by clicking "Undo" (to undo your move) or "Cancel" to go back to the player phase without giving orders.
  • Using "Song" to buff or "Potion" to heal requires selecting the action and then "Confirm".
  • Using any attack requires selecting it, then selecting a valid target (The information of that target and the attack prediction (Hit%, Crit%, Damage) will appear on the right UI) and only then "Confirm".
  • You may end your turn at any time you are not giving an order by clicking "End Turn"!

The QRMjam build covers the first chapter of this story that will see 4 different (and very queer) ladies work for a common goal albeit with different and mostly chaotic reasons for its pursuit. Some functionalities are disabled for this build, like menus, the save system, gaining experience and battle animations (as they were incomplete by the deadline).

Super Quick "Now you won't die (unfairly)" Fix Patch List:
  • Fixed bug that made enemies reapear after dying from counters
  • Fixed bug that let enemies counter ranged attacks for MAXIMUM DMG
  • Fixed bug that let enemies attack from beyond the grave
  • Added cute drawing to the main menu
  • Added marker on top of enemies being checked during player phase
  • Added range indicator for the enemy checked during player phase


Chaotic Quartet QRMjam Build (Win / Linux) 60 MB
Chaotic Quartet QRMjam Build (Mac) 45 MB

Development log


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This is really cute! Highly relatable gay bard :3

wait, is it supposed to be impossible to fight the guards? The only way to pass is running away from them? 

You should be able to defeat the Squires (on the left path to the end) but the armored ones (Knights) are too strong! If you're having trouble with the normal enemies please tell what's happening, maybe there's a bug increasing their damage/health we haven't noticed,, > H <''

I just dont get how am I supposed to hit them, since they always move away when I end the turn :v