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This really reminds me of Danganronpa

Heh, Danganronpa and Ace Attorney were a huge inspiration when I designed the discussion segments!! I wanted something that felt slightly action-y (like DR) but still left time to pause and freedom to think (like AA, since DR gives you tailored evidence and such).

I hope you liked how it came out and how it evolves in future games!!

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This game is great.

Cute artstyle. Nice characters. And good backgrounds. And very great music. 

I really like the plot. The investigation. Plot twists. Funny situation. It all makes it great.

But I have question. I think I haven't done anything bad but I still got "bad ending". As you said, game have three endings... And I really don't know what I did wrong. Would you mind giving me few hints or maybe giving a little (or not little ;) ) tutorial. I mean, to let us know how to get good ending and the 3rd (neutral?) ending.

Aww, thank you for all your nice comments!!

The game's endings are relative to how well you did during the investigation, if you make little to no mistakes you get the good ending, if you make a lot of mistakes you get the bad ending and if you land somewhere in-between you get the neutral ending. Still, I've had comments about the bad ending being too easy to get so I might change it at some point!!

what a great game. :) thank you for making it!

thank you lots for playing it!! hope you look forward to what's to come!!!!

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I speedrun the development lol

It's a relatively short game I guess!! I tried to make the most of few sprites / backgrounds / code so the only thing that took up my time was writing the script.

Thanks for the interest and (eventually) for playing!! :3c


i'm so charmed by this game! the busts are so expressive and the characters are a lot of fun--my favorite has got to be latte! really looking forward to the full version~

ahaha, it seems like everyone loves latte!! he might need his own spin off, provided he's not the killer (??)

thanks for complimenting my art, i'm starting to learn and I hope to get good-er as I work on lovestruck

just made it through to the good ending!! the point and click investigation part and breaking the arguments and stuff was SO FUN, i can tell you put a lot of work into them and they just look so good and were so fun to play?! i was really impressed haha. THANKS FOR MAKING SUCH A LOVELY GAME!

Just finished the demo! The art is really cute and I'm really interested in where the story will go!!( not to mention I love me some murder mysteries c:< )

thanks for the comment!! murder mysteries are my passion and I wanted to contribute to diversity in the genre

im just starting to draw good so thanks also forthe compliment ; w ; I hope you like the rest of the story and the mystery's resolution!!!!

Murder mystery gaymes are what I'm ready for in the genre!! I'm definitely gonna give the new demo a go tomorrow! And no problemo c:

Heya! I finally got a chance to get back to playing your game but during the investigation I don't know how to go back ;-; Like I'm inspecting the victim's body and I don't know what else to investigate so I wanted try and go back to investigate the other things in the cafe but I don't know how??

the first time you examine the body you have to get all 4 pieces of evidence before moving on, I'll try to give more feedback so it's less complicated!! my current plan is to have the mouse pointer light when you're over an interactive spot, but it's taking a while :'3

Ohhhh okie dokie and yeah doing interactive spots in renpy is like a lot of work :0