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Are you STILL tired about those gal-pals, romance evasive kinda relationships in videogames? Do you STILL think it'd be better if they were 2 young college students out to fight crime while trying to date each other? Well do I have a second solution to your still very specific taste!

Claire Chase is a student at Granfors University, a lead institution on criminial science related courses. It's been a week since she met Laura, her dream girl, and she still hasn't mustered the courage to talk to her again. But one fateful meeting will put her flirting (and crime solving) skills to the test once again!

This game is a sequel to my first ever VN, Claire Chase: Love⚡Struck!! It can be played independently, but it'll be much more enjoyable (and much less spoilery) to play LoveStruck first.

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  • Gals being more than pals ( Even more )
  • TWO sides of murder mystery
  • Investigation / Deduction based gameplay
  • Romance based gameplay
  • Multiple endings!

Demo Updates:

  • 25/6/18: Added Case 1 teaser, upgraded graphics
  • 22/2/18: Added 4 new CG variations


Criminal Attraction DEMO 0.2 (Win / Linux) 73 MB
Criminal Attraction DEMO 0.2 (Mac) 58 MB

Development log


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Finally got around to playing the new update and I'm really excited to see how case 1 goes. I also like how you made the romance gameplay be similar to solving a case with the whole pulse-y heart effect in the background. Looking forward to playing the rest of it when it's out!!! ^v^

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It really nice. It made me laugh a little. Artstyle cute as always. And it's good begenning for interesting story based on investigation and romance. I already like it :) and of course waiting for more

Thank you!! Progress is going quite slowly but I hope to have big news ((and maybe an updated demo)) before the end of the month!!